The rule of law has been seen in action in dramatic fashion of late

The rule of law has been seen in action in dramatic fashion of late.  America has not broken down, has not seen democracy fail but rather the resilience of well tried and tested governing protocols and procedures has prevailed.  Lawyers have been described in philosophy texts as the social workers of society.  Part of their role is to ensure the … Read More

Costly Cross-Leases

Have you wasted money on fixing up a cross-lease? Probably if you have responded to that question. A test case on cross-leases is needed.  Millions of dollars may have been wasted on these legal titles.  This may be the case as the fundamental reason for one specific aspect of cross-leases has been long forgotten.  That is the reason an equal … Read More

Objection! Over-ruled!

 TV law, nothing like the real thing. Court protocol in New Zealand is far from what is portrayed in films and drama’s. It is an elegant process, full of nuances and customs. At its heart though the fate of those charged, suing or being sued, is played out. The New Zealand system of appointing judges is far from perfect but … Read More

The quiet revolution is under way

The quiet revolution is under way, namely our elections. Typically, orderly, non-violent and conducted with integrity our three yearly cycle is something to celebrate. Yet the actions of the Serious Fraud Office of late deserve closer inspection. Its vast resources are being applied in an attempt to issue a press release that will likely have political impact. At the same … Read More

Made redundant?

 The Covid epidemic has turned life upside down for many people. Those who have lost jobs and looking for a self-employment opportunity need to tread carefully. Franchise businesses are a form of self-employment but careful due diligence must be undertaken by anyone considering this type of investment. The “food” industry has many franchises but the entry level can be expensive … Read More