Made redundant?

Reallaw Blog  The Covid epidemic has turned life upside down for many people. Those who have lost jobs and looking for a self-employment opportunity need to tread carefully. Franchise businesses are a form of self-employment but careful due diligence must be undertaken by anyone considering this type of investment. The “food” industry has many franchises but the entry level can be expensive with commercial leases, signage, plant and compulsory upgrades all part of the mix. Other smaller businesses tend to have industry knowledge as a given for entrants so someone new walking in my misinterpret aspects, at their cost. The key to making a prudent decision is not to allow yourself to be rushed and to take independent advice from other industry players and folk such as your accountant and lawyer. The old adage, a fool and his money are easily parted, should always be borne in mind when considering this kind of business investment.

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