What is Real Law?

Real Law is a hub for independent law firms from around New Zealand. We help bridge the gap between the marketing that smaller firms need, and what they can afford. We promote small firms on our site and on our review platform, which independently monitors their performance on a regular basis. Because we promote legal practices to clients searching for reliable, reputable services, our firms are transparent about showing feedback at all times.

What is the process for selecting law firms wanting to join Real Law?

We screen each law firm before taking them onboard. Our processes and combined legal experience mean we have protocols detailing factors to look for when screening firms. This process is important to us because we want to know who we will be dealing with before they join us. We want to be confident in our firms’ integrity, so that you can be happy dealing with them.

Who can leave a review?

We host and verify independent reviews of clients’ experiences with law firms. You must be a fee-paying client to be invited to review a lawyer’s services.

What if I get a bad review?

Because only genuine fee paying clients are invited to leave reviews, you and your potential clients can take bad reviews for what they are – an exception. Less-than-flattering reviews become less of a disaster when surrounded by positive ones that can clearly be seen to be genuine. Take the feedback as a learning experience, and realise that how you respond to critique is almost always more important to your readers than the criticism itself.

You can always contact us for advice on responding to reviews. We will not approve the posting of any review that is intentionally malicious or inappropriate. In extreme cases you can request the removal of a review if it falls into one of these categories.

Does Real Law set client fees for its firms? Do you provide precedents and management systems?

No, those are for each firm to determine in the ordinary course of practice. Our focus is promoting your firm and its reputation, with the aim of potential clients selecting your firm rather than one of your competitors.

Is there a contract?

Yes. It has three primary points: to define our service, namely promoting your firm’s reputation, to protect the intellectual property of Real Law, and to set out fees. We also pledge to assist a firm, at its request, with any issues that arise. We take this seriously, particularly issues affecting the firm’s reputation.

Can I engage a Real Law firm from outside my local area?

Our client firms are able to provide some services online. A personal, face-to-face consultation is preferred by most lawyers, as clients typically find it easier to disclose more in person than in any other forum. The more open you can be with your lawyer, the more effective they can be at determining the options open to you.

Do you negotiate supply side arrangements?

While this is not our primary role, when we do come across opportunities we make them available to our clients to access as they see fit. Real Law does not ordinarily claim fees or commissions in such instances. One such supplier, Identifi, for processing AML/CFT services, has negotiated a reduced rate for members of Real Law. This rate is available while the firm is a member of the Real Law network.

Can I recommend lawyers here that aren’t already in the Real Law network?
If you know of a great local firm let us know about them (and them about us).