What lawyers say about our service
Personal Reference

I have been a member of Real Law Limited for almost three years.

I am very pleased to be associated with this progressive organization. The new and efficient way for marketing legal services must be virtual, not the traditional static and outdated methods heavily reliant on print. Most of my clients come from google searches that ultimately direct them to my website. I know this is true because I ask them. They also advise that tha reviews from previous clients posted on my website really influenced them to contact me.

Real Law has realized that things are changing and has provided and excellent forum and service for lawyers who are also prepared to see that the old ways of marketing legal services is largely obsolete in the new virtual world.

I have been impressed with the progress we have made so far and am aware that Real Law has plans to further increase the reach and quality of its services on behalf of us members.

Real Law works. I would commend Real Law to any other practitioner accordingly.

Yours faithfully, Jeremy McGuire