A challenge

A challenge is underway to the Covid-19 lock down strategy. The Plaintiffs are claiming it was illegal. That raises a dilemma for the government. Clearly the action taken had the support of the community and seems to have had the desired effect. There remains the possibility that another lock down, either national or regional, may be needed. If the Court … Read More

NZ Election season is upon us

The critical factor in NZ is one person one vote and confidentiality. Contrast that with the USA that uses an antiquated 18th century electoral system, complicated enrollment requirements and voting procedures. The NZ system means all votes count and are counted. While not perfect, the perfect system is yet to be invented, the NZ elections are far more equitable and … Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Law

Artificial Intelligence, it’s here and being applied to law. Unfortunately for lawyers, who love time costing, with the introduction of AI, time will largely become irrelevant. The consumer will be looking at law like a commodity and looking for factors that truly differentiate the “good lawyer” from the “bad lawyer”. Bit like buying another commodity, eggs. Who doesn’t open the … Read More


Certainty is a scarce commodity in the new world we live in. Not just locally but globally. From a relatively stable community everything has been knocked off balance and what was a given pre-Covid 19 is now not so. In these times knowing your options is critical. Getting direction from experienced people on what options are viable, to be avoided … Read More

Renting your home office to the boss?

Why not? Working from home does make life safer in the current pandemic. Does it also mean lower costs for your employer? As an in-house employee the infrastructure to do your work is provided by your employer. Things like a desk, internet connection, bathroom facilities, air conditioning, security and so on. An argument exists for the employee to be given … Read More

What to do next?

That is the question being asked around the world, by everyone. Different perspectives lead to varying responses. Only the 20/20 vision of hindsight will give any clarity on what worked and what didn’t. One constant variable though is the need to take some action to address the new environment we live and work in. A factor well known to help … Read More

Tragedy strikes at any time

Tragedy strikes at any time but particularly this time of year when people are more active in potentially dangerous pastimes. A particular concern when a fatality occurs is the consequent impact on survivors. If the deceased has a Will then in most cases there is a relatively smooth and orderly handling of the estate. If there is no Will then … Read More

Another year, another uniform?

School uniforms are common in New Zealand. The legal authority for having a uniform is the power of the board of trustees to make rules it considers necessary for control and management of the school. Objection can be made by a student if that student considers the rules are a breach of personal human rights. A court is unlikely to … Read More