What to do next?

That is the question being asked around the world, by everyone. Different perspectives lead to varying responses. Only the 20/20 vision of hindsight will give any clarity on what worked and what didn’t. One constant variable though is the need to take some action to address the new environment we live and work in. A factor well known to help is to develop a plan of action. An exercise of that kind causes one to focus on goals and how to achieve them. Once created they also provide a means of measuring success or failure. Swirling around us all right now is a raft of new rules and regulations that impact on us all. Taking advice from the professionals that know you and your circumstances is a prudent part of any such plan. A relatively small investment in such advice know will almost certainly pay dividends in the long term. Having a plan brings one other critical factor to your life, certainty – at a time when uncertainty is prevalent and the biggest stress factor of all

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