Artificial Intelligence in Law

Reallaw Blog site to review NZ lawyersArtificial Intelligence, it’s here and being applied to law.

Unfortunately for lawyers, who love time costing, with the introduction of AI, time will largely become irrelevant. The consumer will be looking at law like a commodity and looking for factors that truly differentiate the “good lawyer” from the “bad lawyer”. Bit like buying another commodity, eggs. Who doesn’t open the carton to check the eggs before buying? In similar fashion clients will be checking out their lawyer of choice by looking beyond the wrapping and wanting to get some real time feedback.

The comparison with eggs and commodities kicks in again. Don’t believe me then have a close look at the eggs for sale at the supermarket. The wrapping is all the same, the claims are all the same, namely cage free, free range and/or organic. That generic wrapping is replicated in law firm websites with a standard presentation focused on the lawyers being: friendly, local, focused on you, leading law firm, experienced and the like, with little to differentiate one firm from another. None of that will count when AI kicks in. What will count is your clients experience. If you are a lawyer reading this and don’t believe it then ask the people that really matter, your clients.

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