“Wills” week

Reallaw blog Wills weekWe all know its going to happen, nothing is more certain yet we are generally poor at acknowledging it and making provision for its impact. Death is the surest bet in life, only when where and how to be determined for all of us. Its “Wills” week and lawyers around the country are focusing on that and specially the value of having a properly prepared and signed Will. The law surrounding Wills is complex and in a constant state of flux. One other constant is the fact that do it yourself Wills are a boon for lawyers. The reality is most people doing their own Will get it wrong. As a result, long term, doing your own Will to save on fees is a false economy. The cost to remedy a faulty Will is measured in the thousands of dollars whereas the cost of a professionally prepared Will is usually in the low hundreds of dollars at most. Other essential documents to help you navigate life’s challenges are detailed in our legal check list found on the Real Law website. Check it out, its free.

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