A tip on choosing a lawyer

Reallaw blog - Choosing a lawyerYou don’t want someone like Donald Trumps with a persona lacking any empathy. He has no understanding of the word if his speeches and actions are any indication. Pity as that is an important factor in any relationship but specially where there is a power imbalance. When looking for a lawyer empathy is one of the key factors. Reliability and capability are two aspects that can in the main be taken for granted. That third factor though will play an important part in your relationship with your lawyer. Having someone that can comprehend, understand and factor in all the stresses and strains that your particular issues involve will go a long way to making your experience more manageable and tolerable. So, take time to choose your lawyer wisely and, if possible, have a ten minute meeting with your selected lawyer to check out if you can get along with him or her before committing to giving instructions. It will be a good investment of time in the long run.

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